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Treed: Walking in Canada’s Urban Forests

Published May 2019   ISBN: 9781928088752

Published May 2019
ISBN: 9781928088752


With intimacy and humour award-winning poet Ariel Gordon walks us through the streets of Winnipeg and into the urban forest that is, to her, the city's heart. Along the way she shares with us the lives of these urban trees, from the grackles and cankerworms of the spring, to the flush of mushrooms on stumps in the summer and through to the red-stemmed dogwood of the winter. After grounding us in native elms and ashes, Gordon travels to BC's northern Rockies, to Banff National Park and a cattle farm in rural Manitoba, and helps us to consider what we expect of nature. Whether it is the effects of climate change on the urban forest or foraging in the city, Dutch elm disease in the trees or bats in the walls, Gordon delves into our relationships with the natural world with heart and style. In the end, the essays circle back to the forest, where the weather is always better and where the reader can see how to remake even the trees that are lost.


“The personal is political, but the personal is also trees, urban forests and our own microculture of interaction that speaks to larger histories, spaces, ecologies and cultures. In these charming essays, Ariel Gordon examines with wit, sensitivity and insight the living and breathing environments she finds herself living and breathing in. Rich with detail and engaging anecdote, Treed considers how modern life, writing and family take root in the specifics of geography.” 

—Gary Barwin, author of Yiddish for Pirates



GUSH: menstrual manifestos for
our times

Published spring 2018 ISBN: 9781927823798

Published spring 2018
ISBN: 9781927823798


In GUSH, more than 100 women and nonbinary writers from Canada and around the world take apart the bloody instruction of menstruation: its cultures, its lessons, its equipment, and its lexicon. 

Co-edited by Rosanna Deerchild, Ariel Gordon, and Tanis MacDonald, GUSH offers menstrual manifestos for our time that question the cultural value and social language of monthly blood loss, with rage, humour, ferocity, and grief, and propose that the ‘menstrual moment’ is as individualized, subjective, personal, political, and vital as the ‘feminist click’. 

With work from emerging and established writers in poetry, cartoons, flash fiction, personal essays, lyric confessions, and experimental forms, this anthology features the voices of Indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers with disabilities, rural writers and urban writers, representing four generations of menstruators: writers who call down their bloodiest muses. 

Including work by Yvette Nolan, Mini Aodla Freeman, Sheri-D Wilson, Sonnet L’Abbe, Pamela Mordecai, Susan Holbrook, and many more.


"GUSH is a letter to the world declaring that feminists everywhere are ready to take back the period and claim it for ourselves."
—Courtney Dickson, Herizons

"I expect GUSH will be passed around classrooms, as well as book clubs, women’s centres, office towers and break rooms. And I hope this sharing and the conversations that no doubt ensue are not hushed and tittering. I hope teachers, counsellors, parents and partners bookmark pages, highlight passages and display the book on prominent shelves."
—Katherine J. BarretT, Understorey

"We love GUSH!"
—Open Sesame Bookstore, Kitchener




Published spring 2014 ISBN: 9781926794181

Published spring 2014
ISBN: 9781926794181


In poems that are smart and gorgeously funny, Ariel Gordon’s Stowaways careens between life as we-know-it on the Canadian prairies and the frayed yet familiar edges of what-if. What if a beluga from Churchill hooked up with a Gore-Tex-ed tourist? What if knowing Morse Code would save your bacon during the zombie apocalypse? Half survival guide, half invasive species list, these are poems that stick to your socks.

  • Winner of the 2015 Lansdowne Prize for Poetry at the Manitoba Book Awards. 


"Stowaways is a clever and often hilarious collection with its occasional tenderness let slip amidst a clearly unromantic stance and matter-of-fact prairie landscape. With its freshness of metaphor and crazy juxtapositions, its ironic and often comic twists in narrative, Stowaways is a collection that will hold readers' eyes and play with their wits to the end."
—Gillian Harding-Russell, The Goose

"Adept and assured, Stowaways swaggers."
—Jonathan Ball,
Winnipeg Free Press




Published spring 2010 ISBN: 9780978491796

Published spring 2010
ISBN: 9780978491796


Hump is a mash-up of pregnancy-and-mothering poems and urban/nature/love poems that functions as an anti-sentiment manifesto from Winnipeg writer Ariel Gordon. Month by month, stanza by stanza, Gordon attempts to adequately represent the wonder and devilment of being-with-child. Hump is a love poem written simultaneously to a father and child, to a lover and the glimmer in his eye, and to a city that is gritty, faded, but still greener-than-most.

  • Winner of the 2011 Aqua Lansdowne Prize for Poetry.

  • winner of the 2010 John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer.


"The focus of Hump is the rich experience of motherhood and marriage on the one hand, and of city life in the integrated context of the natural world, which is everywhere engaging, fierce, beautiful, and unstoppable. This is capable, exuberant writing, at once passionate and meticulous. Hump is a worthy first book indeed."
—Michael Harris, Kenneth Meadwell, and Serge Patrice Thibodeau, jurors for the 2011 Aqua Books Lansdowne Prize for Poetry

“Ariel Gordon is superbly, supremely, a poet of the body. She finds words for the physicality of the forest, of the garden, of pregnancy. Hump speaks the erotics of being alive and being in love with being alive.”
—Robert Kroetsch