This is not a review

So Carin Makuz, a writer based in/around Oshawa, Ontario, posted about Treed on her blog Matilda Magtree.

Carin is very clear on the purpose of these posts: “I don’t review books. I read them and sometimes I write what I think about the book or what the book makes me think. I write pretty much what I might answer if you were to call me and say: so how’d you like that book?”

I’ve known Carin for years: she invited me to submit something to her litter I see project and Tanis, Rosanna and I published her in GUSH: menstrual manifestos for our times.

Which is to say, Carin is a great member of my extended literary community. She’s smart and funny and brave.

Here’s what Carin had to say about Treed, which came on a achy Monday. I applied it like balm to my pointy elbows and overdeveloped ego:

“There are certain books that become full-time residents on my coffee table or bedside table or table by the fireplace or sometimes, if the weather is good and the umbrella is up, the patio table. Weeks and weeks go by and the book is there, picked up regularly, set down maybe in a different place to be picked up again. And again. The more I love a book the longer it takes for me to shelve it. Re-reading is a favourite thing. I make meals of sentences, play a scene back in my mind, go back a page and work my way up to it again. I will read the same story or essay or poem over three days in a row, each time finding another layer of meaning or pleasure, some image initially missed.

Treed is one of those books. Currently living on my coffee table, this wonderful collection of essays makes me happy to know it’s there to fulfill any sudden craving I have for a discussion of tree love or a vicarious forest walk with one of CanLit’s most enthusiastic (and real life) forest walkers, the Winnipeg writer and poet, Ariel Gordon.”

You can read the rest of her not-review here.

Thanks, Carin!